Booking information

You can rent a whole house for yourself to a moderate cost! In the table you can see what it

would cost for you.

If you want to stay for a longer time, contact us for a special price offer.You live as a self catering

accomondation. No breakfast or bedclothes are included, and you have to clean the house on

departure. If you want to you can buy those services from us.

Free period for booking summer 2022: July 23 to August 1


Off season

High season (weeks 25-33)

One night

650 SEK

850 SEK

One week


4700 SEK

Set of bed-linen

100 SEK/set

100 SEK/set


50 SEK/person and day

50 SEK/person and day


500 SEK

500 SEK

No rental activities 2023

                Quality Inspection

In 2005 all "Bo på Lantgård"   

accomondations in Sweden were 

inspected in terms of quality. All 

farms were allocated one to five   

corn ears, one corn ear was   

approved and five was first class.

We were allocated four which

means excellent. To the right you

can see our protocol from the


Booking terms and conditions due to Bo på Lantgård (Stay on

a farm Sweden)you can find here:

Terms and conditions